Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Stamp & Camp with Mary - December 26, 2018 - #simplestamping Hand Delivered Thank You Note

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  We had Christmas with Kayla in Redlands CA.  Things change all the time and this Christmas brought us change in our Holiday traditions.  Sunny CA in a  small apartment and trailer.  One thing that didn't change was we were all together, that is what made Christmas.

We are going to be here until December 31, 2018 and then we head back to Arizona.  I really am enjoying our time on the road.  I have issues creating and my sales have dropped but I still would love to continue to be a demonstrator for Stampin' Up! I would really love your help in letting me continue with Stampin' Up!. There are 2 things you can do to help.

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I spend time making videos and doing these posts among other social media.  I really hope you enjoy this, if you like this you can share with  your friends.

So fun and it is so easy and fast.  You can also color the balloons and the skirt.  It is a fun stamp set to work with.

Product List

Supplies: Stamp Set - Hand Delivered [146808]; Ink - Tuxedo Black Memento [132708]; Card Stock - Whisper White Note Cards & Envelopes [131527]; Accessories - Stamparatus [146276].

  1.  This is best if you use the Stamparatus.  Set up your card in the stamparatus and then lay the balloons where you would like them.  Ink with Memento Ink and then Stamp
  2. Set the bottom stamp and the saying  on the Stamparatus, pick up and ink with Memento Black and then Stamp

Hope you enjoyed this.  You can click on the above photos to order. 

Hope you have a great week.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Merry Christmas from Stamp & Camp with Mary

Just wanted to give all my customers a special Christmas Gift this year.  If you have ordered from me this year, 2018, or you selected me as your Paper Pumpkin Demonstrator I will reimburse you your shipping costs.  Order must be made December 20 - 23 and if under $150 you must use the Hostess Code Y9QQMRXC.  I will reimburse you your shipping costs via PayPal. 

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I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

#simplestamping Stamp & Camp with Mary - December 19, 2018 - #simplestamping WInter Woods and Masking

Today on simple stamping I would like to do something a little different.  It still is pretty simple but just upping it a bit.  We are doing a simple technique called masking.  I think you will enjoy this very much.

 I really liked this one.  With the Gold Foil Edged Cards and Envelopes it also steps it up.  In fact I liked this one so much I gave it to my husband for our 30th Anniversary this week.

Let's take a look at how to do this #simplestamping Card.

Product List

Supplies: Stamp Set - Winter Woods [Clear 147661, Wood 147658]; Ink - Shaded Spruce [147088], Soft Suede [147115], Card Stock - Gold Foil-Edged Cards & Envelopes [147901]; Accessories - Stamparatus [146276], Post it notes large.

  1. On the Large Post it Note Stamp the Pine Tree and cut out.  Making sure that some of the sticky is on the tree part.
  2. Set up the Stamparatus or large block. ( If using Stamparatus make sure your tree will be right side up when stamped).
  3. With Shaded Spruce Stamp the Pine Tree.
  4. Place the Post it note tree over what you have just stamped covering the tree you just stamped.
  5. Place the bare trees where you want them and pick up with the Stamparatus.
  6. With Soft Suede Stamp the trees over the Post it note.
  7. Remove the post it note tree and you will have your card.

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Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Stamp & Camp with Mary #simplestamping - December 12, 2018 - #simplestamping Calligraphy Essentials

I love doing the simple stamping cards.  Today you are getting a 2 for 1.  We will have 2 cards almost the same thing, using the same technique and the same stamp set, just the base is really different.

First off the 
Calligraphy Essentials Gold Foil Card.
Second Card is almost the same but using Delightfully Detailed Note Cards.

 See the pattern here.

So since they are both so simple I wanted to include both of them in one jpost.

First one

Product List

Supplies: Stamp Set - Calligraphy Essentials [Clear 146783, Wood 146780]; Ink - Tuxedo Black Memento [132708], Regals Stampin' Write Markers [147155]; Card Stock - Gold Foil-Edged Cards & Envelopes [147901], Accessories - Stamparatus [146276].

  1.  Set up the Stamparatus or just use a block ( if you are using the stamparatus be careful that it does not appear upside down after you stamp it,)
  2. With Memento Black Stamp the Saying on the Gold Foil Edge Card.
  3. With Markers color in the words. 

Product List

Supplies: Stamp Set - Calligraphy Essentials [Clear 146783, Wood 146780]; Ink - Tuxedo Black Memento [132708]; Card Stock - Delightfully Detailed Note Cards & Envelopes [146911].


Note:  This is a super easy card, I also did a similar one using the Gold Foil Cards & Envelopes.
1. With Memento Black stamp the Thank You on the Delightfully Detailed Not Card

I really hope you have enjoyed this post and both cards.  If you have please share this post. 

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Tips & Techniques Tuesday - Dec 11, 2018 - Stamp & Camp Curly Paper Tree

This is a Stamp & Camp Post also.  I love Christmas and if anyone knows me they know that I love to have the house decorated.  The trailer does not have a lot of space to have a lot of decorations.  We looked around and found a nice little tree but it was $85 and we could not store it after we used it. What were we to do?  Well I made our own tree.

This is a tree I have done before and sell at my craft fairs.  It has been awhile since I did one and I found I forgot somethings.  Since I was certain I had only used 2 sheets of Designer Series Paper this one I had to use more.  So the instructions below will be for using 2 Sheets cutting them 1 x 3 instead of 3/4 x 6.  So you can do one with 2 sheets.

We now have this sitting on our counter as our Christmas Tree.

Let's see how to do this one.

Product List


  1. This is the Floral Foam Cone I used.  It is 7” tall and will take about 1 12 x 12 and 1 12 x 5 designer series paper to cover.  If your cone is bigger it may take more paper to cover. 
  2. Cut the Designer Series Paper into ½ to 1” strips (they should all be near the same width).  Don’t go above 1” wide as I don’t think it looks as good.  Make sure you leave at least 2 - 4 x 4 squares for the star
  3. Cut the strips down to 3 inches.  The strips in the photo are ½ x 3
  4. With a bone folder now curl all the 3” strips making sure the same side design is facing out.  You may also have to tight curl it with your fingers unless you want a real loose curl.  This is the longest part of the project.
  5. Now you can either pin the pieces of designer series paper on the cone or use a glue gun. As you can see I started with pins but quickly switched to the glue gun. Making sure that the first round is even with the bottom of the cone.
  6. the second row should be offset between the first row. Then just keep going all the way to the top.
  7. Once you get to the top punch out a 1” circle and clue on top of the cone.
  8. Star
  10. Take 2 pieces of 4 x 4 designer series paper.  I usually use the same design but the back side to make the stars.
  11. Fold each one diagonally – corner to corner open and then fold diagonally again with the other corners.
  12. Open and then fold in half and open and fold the other way in half.
  13. on the side folds (4) mark about 7/8 inches up and put a dot.
  14. 12 Once you get all for marks then you will cut on the side fold lines to that mark.  Repeat on the second 4 x 4 piece of paper. 
  15. Now you are going to fold all the points From the side cut fold to the Diagonal fold and form a point at the corner.  Go to the other side of the Diagonal and fold in toward the same point. 
  16. Repeat around the square making four points.  
  17. Now you are going to take the flaps and overlap one over the other you can use Liquid Glue or a thin layer of hot glue to adhere them together. Repeat on all four points on both stars.
  18. You should now have 2 full stars.
  19. With Liquid Glue or glue gun ( I really find this easier with a glue gun) glue an orange stick or small dowel on the back of one of the stars. 
  20. Then with the backs facing one another and the points in between each other glue the stars together. Once glued together push the Star into the top of the tree.

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Stamp & Camp with Mary - December 6, 2018 - so many great places we have been visiting

So much great times we have had. 

We left Holiday Village RV Resort on Tuesday but we were their for 12 days and really loved the area. We had the best neighbors.
We loved that it only had 30 sites that they were nice size sites, that it was in the middle of nowhere, you were not listening to traffic all night, no train tracks, folks were very nice and you could see the stars.  I also liked that it was an easy drive to areas we wanted to visit.

WE went to Kerrville numerous times mainly to get Don's Prescriptions worked out with Walmart, but we did have a few different adventures there.  One was at the Kerrville Hills Winery.  It was fun and we tasted some pretty good wines, of course we bought a few also.  We met a couple of ladies that were from Houston but one had started out in Chicago area and it was fun talking to them. They noticed Don's Packer hat and one had a Fighting Illni and I had my Spartan cap on such a small world.
 Did you know the Hill Country has 54 wineries?  It had none when I was living in the area.

 One day we spent walking around Fredricksburg TX.  Did a few wine tastings at a few shops but no real wineries just tasting rooms.  Not really the same.  Had a great lunch at a good German restaurant. I forgot how good real German food is.  The downtown still has some of the very old buildings but the town sure has grown.

One day we took the back roads into San Antonio and went to the river walk.  Loved it.  WE even took the boat ride..  It was fun and we ate at a Mexican Restaurant and watched everyone go by.  Another small world  our waitress was originally from Racine Wisconsin.  She made a comment about the Packers and way to go after seeing Don's hat and we started talking, was interesting to find people that are familiar with our area so far from home. We even got to shout go Green at another Spartan and got a Go White back.  We want by the Alamo and I thought Don would want to go in but no, he said it was a lot bigger in the John Wayne movie, maybe next time.

We spent a few days just in the campground just relaxing.  You could really walk around the area and we explored some of the places for sale, it is a Holiday resort but also has all year long residents.  
We are planing on coming back in February for a month.  We want to explore more around the area, I want to go back to LBJ and we have so many more wineries to look into.

Tuesday we left and went to Fort Stockton it was the Fort Stockton RV Park.  Was a nice park not the best but would go back.  They had a restaurant on site that did Breakfast and Dinner, we did not take part in it but folks were saying it was good.  We went to explore and found the Walmart.

Wednesday Night we were at the Las Cruces KOA, which was not in Las Cruces but in Mersilla.  We went down to the Mersilla downtown and went to the Plaza, walked around and had a great dinner at La Posta De Mesilla, I had the best Margarita in a long time OK  I had 2.  Fajitas and Empanda was great.  Was fun walking around in the old town area.  Really liked the area and the KOA was very nice, did not have to listen to highway noises all night was very nice.

Tonight we are in Willcox AZ and I have to say this is the best looking KOA we have been in.  So beautiful  they just redid the whole place and it is great.  Nice bathrooms and great store and breakfast in the morning.  Staff is great and helpful and they have real ice cream.  

We went downtown and ran into a winery, yes a winery in Arizona. So of course we stopped in and tasted some and found out that Willcox has a lot of wineries and they produce 75% of all grapes grown in Arizona.  We bought 2 bottles of some very good wines.  Don says we don't find many wines we don't like.  Well I am not a fan of dark reds or very dry white.  So I think we at least know what we like.  Well the lady at that Winery told us about another one and away we went, more tasting and 3 bottle later we were back at our camper.

Tomorrow we head to Phoenix and Leaf Verde RV Resort.  I can't wait.

Hope you are enjoying our trip, we are.  Thanks for visiting with us.