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Stamp & Camp with Mary - May 27, 2019 - Weekly Updates.

Some people have been asking for more details on how we are doing and where we are and what it is like to be on the road full time.  So I have decided to try and post at least once a week and keep a journal to help me.  So I will be posting my Journal either Sunday or Monday.

Today was an overcast rainy day.  The campground has been relatively empty until today and they are streaming in.  The bathrooms still are not open and I am beginning to stink, they say sometime today.  Everything is wet and muddy.  Don went and did laundry this morning and went into town he said they had huge washers and driers so only one big load. 
The guy next to us was backing his rig in and hit a tree, then Don Said he tried again and tore off the awning.  He finally just went in straight. Of course then their car is now in the middle of the circle.  Each camping area has an entrance and campsites all around a small circle drive, so if one person parks in the circle it is hard to get in and out.  They also had friends just arrive so now we are a parking lot. 

The Bathroom situation.  They have almost 200 camp sites and a lot of tent sites and just Water & Electricity.  They have port-a-potties all over.  Their main bathroom is under construction putting in new bathroom and showers but not near done.  They hope to get 2 showers in men and women open sometime today.  But just 1 bath house is not enough for this kind of campground.  They are still trying to get rid of their long term campers that have a lease when Midwest Resorts bought it but most of the full hook ups are taken by them.  I would put another maybe small bathhouse down by the tent areas so they wouldn’t have to walk so far.

I relented and took a quickie shower in our trailer, which in itself is another paragraph.  It was after 7 and still no shower though they were cleaning the area and not doing construction.

Our RV bathroom.  In the Jayco we had a nice bathroom.  2 doors which I didn’t think was necessary until we had them and a shower a good size triangle.  Had room to dress and turn around in it.  Well our Leprechaun bathroom is small you can not turn around in the bathroom and the toilet is up against the sink.  The shower oh how I miss our Jayco Shower.  This is a rectangle small rectangle maybe 2 feet across. They put the plastic shelve on the long side opposite the door.  So you don’t even get the full width.  The shower head is at the end where the door opens and they have added something I think is strange.  I liked having the ability to take down the shower head to get the water all around me but this one they have a holder a circle not just a partial that you can take it out but a full circle that holds the hose so it is hard to take the shower head and use it other than on the hook.  Also the problem with the hose or maybe that is the reason for the circle is that the shower head either points at the wall or the door not in the middle.  You have to spend half your shower to keep moving it to get you wet.  Note to Self-next Trailer RV you look at test the shower.

Don started to take apart the bunks for my workspace, but the top bunk has this great wood base beautiful, so we took the mattress off and I am going to use the area as a stand-up work counter. Problem next we have to solve is lighting it is horrible in this trailer.  WE will first try to get LED bulbs for all the lights and then try and find some extra lighting for my workspace. Also looking for some shelving to be able to store my supplies on the lower bunk and some on the workspace.  Don Said I can get a bar stool but it is the perfect height for standing I don’t have to bend over at all. 

Woke up to the sun shinning and it being a bit warmer than yesterday.  The bathrooms are open or at least 2 showers a piece and the toilets.  Campground has filled up The parking lot in our section is still here.  Ton’s of kids biking and running around.  Went for our morning walk and they were all up playing soccer, volleyball on the swings etc.  Was great to see them out doing things. 

We are heading out this afternoon to visit some wineries.

Kayla drove over to East Lansing to visit Meigan this weekend and made it safely last night.  They are up and heading to the zoo.  Will worry again tomorrow when she heads back to Madison.  Meigan has a ticket to Hamilton for tomorrow night, she paid $120 for one, no student discount.  I really hope she enjoys it. 
We made it to one winery Tommy’s Too High Winery.  They had some good wines so we really didn’t go to any other place.  Came out with 6 bottles and a pouch of Mango Wine Slushy.  Tommy started making wine as a hobby and as he said it just go out of hand.  Their fruit wines were really good.  They just sell in some local bars and restaurants and at there hopping winery.  The place was really hopping and a ton of people in and out.  I liked it as there was no charge for tasting.  I think that made us buy a little more than we would have.  We are now all stocked up again.


This afternoon We worked on my my workspace I brought in some of my things and organized my space.  Problem is the lighting.  Having a bunch of candles around would be brighter than the light in this trailer.  We will fix that hopefully soon and get some LED lights in the trailer, maybe a lamp or two or a light bar for the top of the bunk..I am so excited  I can’t wait to start creating.

So the bathroom issue at this campground.  They finally opened the bathroom.  Women’s side 4 stalls one was already out of order and one was overflowing so down to 2.  3 showers all looked to be working, no place to hang your stuff or a bench to sit on or put your stuff.  So still not impressed.  Though I did love the color they choose in the women’s a Balmy Blue color.

Went to mass tonight at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Danbury WI,  the closest town  about 7 miles away.  We rode by the church a few times and it was small, so I wanted to get there early.  Well got there about 3:40 for 4 PM mass and it was an outside mass.  All the chairs were out and they had a little building for the altar and musicians.  Was very nice, I wish I knew it was outside as it was a little cooler than I was prepared for.  The sun did come out during the Sermon which was kind of fun.  I guess they hold mass out side in the summer on busy weekends as the church will not hold a lot of people.  The priest handle 3 parishes and this one only has a small congregation so only mass in 4 PM on Saturday.

Went for a walk around the camp after dinner and it sure is crowded.  Still has some space available in the tent area, I am amazed at the tenters as the weather has not been that great but they are here.  Recall our tenting days and the fun we had.  A lot of kids playing and biking this is a great place for ATVs as there are a few major trails near by.  I pity the tenters with little bathrooms available. 


So I guess they do have more bathrooms though I really don’t consider a Port-A-Potty a bathroom.

We also saw this tree fluff flying around tonight and noticed this pile that looked almost like snow. 

Had a call from the girls Kayla will be heading home tomorrow and Meigan is going to Hamilton. 

May 26, 2019 St Croix River Resort Midwest Outdoor Resorts, Hinkley MN

Woke up this morning and the sun was shining.  Took our morning walk around the campground not as busy as yesterday but folks up walking and talking.  I guess this is the place for kids to learn to ride bikes.  We  1 trip just over 1000 steps.
had one across from us yesterday and today a mother was out trying to get her son up on one. Things are drying out so not as muddy on our trips around.

Went into Pine City to get some additional items to make my workspace work out.  Got a show rack to put my boxes and 2 lamps and other things from Walmart.  Then stopped at Dollar tree and got items for storage for the rest of the trailer.  It was a nice drive not many people out yet. 

Got back and ready for my Stamp & Camp With Mary Facebook Live event.  Went well got most everything organized but didn’t have time to design a card so made it up on the fly I thought it looked fine.  Had 5 people attend so it was good.

Kayla headed back to Madison and Meigan was getting ready to go to Hamilton. I am proud of her going on her own.  I know I would never had that confidence at that age to go by myself. 

Don made burgers on the grill.  Neighbors packed up and left so folks are starting to leave from the long weekend.

Kayla Made it home OK, Meigan loved her Musical and called to tell us about it.  She was really excited.  Don and I had a campfire and I created parted of the evening. 

Hopefully we will be able to move into a full hook up tomorrow since they will probably closing the showers and bathrooms again.

Hope you enjoy our stories.

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