Monday, June 10, 2019

Stamp & Camp with Mary - Weekly Update July 9, 2019

June 3 Blue Mounds State Park WI
Went down to Lake Geneva to look at Symphony Bay a 55 + Active Community.  Well not for us.  They had about 7 folks living there now, they expect to be built out in 10 years.  But no Club House and not one in the works for over 2 years.  You can travel to Lake Geneva to a Club House there that they are going to start building in a year, to sit and watch the water. Not really an active community again,  I guess up in the Midwest Active Communities mean something totally different than Florida or Arizona.

So the trip was nice going over and back.  We stopped at a Walmart and it was fun to see new areas.  Got back to have left overs for dinner and try to get my work done.

June 4, Blue Mounds State Park WI

Well it rained today big thunder storm in the morning.  Don and I decided to start cleaning the trailer to try and get the cigarette smoke  out.  We sprayed the front with Vinegar and Water and wiped them down.  Also did some organization and re arranging some of the shelves. 

Meigan called to get some advise about Australia and health insurance, housing and Visa.  It is always nice to talk to her.  Then she was off to do some of her Salamander research.  Don and I continued our cleaning and it brightened up and we had sun for most of the afternoon.

June 5, Blue Mounds Sate Park.

Well more cleaning today.  WE took apart the couch and sprayed with our vinegar and water.  Cleaned everything under etc. Hopefully that will stop that horrible smoke smell.

Went into town for a few things and we drove around.

I have been trying to upload a video to You Tube of my catalog tour and after 32 hours it finally finished. 

Had to make a Sympathy card for a friend I am sorry I won’t be there for her family.

Just hanging out on a beautiful night.  In the high 70s today.  Head into Kayla’s for dinner tomorrow.  I can’t wait.

June 6, 2019  Blue Mounds State Park
Headed into town today for a few tings and we stopped at the Bakery downtown for lunch it was great I had a great pasty and Don said his sandwich was great.  We had to make some keys for the trailer and we just wanted to get out.  Walked around town and then headed back to the park.  Left early to see Kayla and use her internet.

It was fun to see Kayla went out for Thai and it was pretty good. Then went back to her apartment and spent some time there.  Headed back to the trailer.  I am so proud of Kayla she is such a great young lady and has grown up so much in the last few years.

June 7, 2019  Blue Mounds State Park and Madison KOA.

Move day but we don’t have to do this early. So we take our time it is only about 1 hour to our new KOA site. 
Get everything ready and packed and ready to go.  So moving out and what happens I get into the truck and the tire warning goes off.  Flat tire.  Yup to good to be true so the next thing we do is put some air in the tire and try and find a repair shop.  Head into Mt Horeb and Don said there was a shop just as you go into town I couldn’t find it.  So went out to a tire and auto shop other end of town.  SO busy I couldn’t even find a place to park so head for one I missed in town.  Found that one but he had 25 cars ahead and would not be able to get to me until Monday, he told me how to get to the coop at the end of town the one I missed first.  SO with directions that is was in the Best do it building I head back out there.  Have no idea where Don is as I haven’t seen him.  Get to the coop and ask if they could help they said sure went to the tire bay and before I could get out of the truck the tire was plugged and  I was back on the road.  Don texted me so we met up at the grocery store.  I tried to get his GPS to do the same route as mine but I don’t think it worked.  So he was going to follow me.  I turned on my map and took off the first turn came up and I realized that it had changed the course so I turned around  but Don had to take the highway.  I waited for him to come off the highway and then we were off again. It was only 53 miles what could go wrong, we already had a flat tire, a wrong turn.  Well a few miles down the road we hit a detour.  Yup the google maps tried to tell me which way to go take a u turn, turn left here etc.  So we keep following the detour and then another detour on the detour.  Then when we were suppose to go back to the original highway we had to turn the other way as that is where we caught up.  I didn’t know if Don knew so I tried to get in front of him and after we got to the campground Don said he didn’t see me get in front of him and he thought I got lost. After 1 ½ hours we made it to the KOA.  Best laid plans of mice and men.

This KOA is a nice KOA  typical KOA right next to each other, smell of sewer but clean bathrooms, full hook ups and pull through sites and very nice people. 

I had a Stampin’ Up! friend come and visit me this evening.  Lori Brausen, her and I was mentored each other for about a year.  Trying to ge tour business off the ground.  I met her in November in Orlando and it was great to have her visit and we talked for about 2 hours talking about ourselves and our business.  One of the best things about Stampin’ Up! is having these friends we make and have things in common with.  I really enjoyed this visit.

June 8, 2019  Madison KOA.

Well suppose to be in early to Kayla for a tour of Epic  where Emily works.  Well I over slept but Emily had to go for an eye appointment so got in about 9:45 and went to pick up Don’s prescription and a few other things.  I got to use the internet and had a great time talking to Kayla.  We then went to Epic.  It is a company that helps Medical Facilities with software.  They have Different campuses with different themes.  Such as Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Chocolate Factory, Monsters, it was fun just walking around I would not mind working in a place like that.  
Here are just a few areas.

We then went to Bartaco for lunch a taco bar.  Was OK  just not my idea of a Mexican Lunch though they had a great Margarita.  Headed back to the apartment and I used their internet and we talked and Don and Kayla went looking for Pokemon.  Kayla was coming out to the trailer for hamburger.  So I drove with her to the campground.  I know she is a good driver but she runs right up to folks before she breaks. So I just closed my eyes and hung on. 
We had a nice dinner and sat around and talked for a few hours.  She has grown up so much.  We talked about budgets and how to save money and how much to use on desired per month.  WE just talked and talked.  I wish this was the lady when she was a teenager someone that could talk to you instead of yelling.  She has grown so much.  I love her so very much.

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