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Grandma's Rocking Chair -October 27, 2013 -Review Stampin' Trimmer

Grandma's Rocking Chair Review - Stampin' Trimmer

OK  I have to admit that I have a ton of Paper cutters. I have Rotary cutters, 2 of them, well now three when I ordered the Stampin' Trimmer's Rotary cutter addition. I have at least 7 trimmers from Fisker.  I use to travel for work a lot,  I would bring some stamping with me and most of the time I would forget to bring a trimmer and I would have to run out to the M store and buy another one. So that makes about 7.  I have a bunch of cheap ones when I couldn't get to a M store for my Fisker fix.  I have always been yearning for a guillotine cutter with a laser pointer to set up the cut.  I have used some really nice ones at work but can't afford those.  Though the cheaper ones don't cut as straight as the nice ones so I have not gotten one. So along with being a Designer Series Paper Addict and a Stamp Addict, I guess I now have to admit I am addict to paper cutters.

I got the Stampin' Trimmer as it has a few great things I wanted to look at it and try it. So what did I want to check out.

The first things was the arm.  It stretches out to over 14 inches, but what I wanted to see was that it had a leg so it would stand up and not curve over.  I hated it when you put out the arm and when you measured you couldn't tell if it was really 4 1/4 or 4 3/8 or 4 5/8.  I hated that.  I had one cutter that I knew exactly where to go to get the right measure but I hated to have to do the figuring in my head.  So What was the outcome - It worked. The leg keeps it level with the cutting base and gives you an accurate measure, two thumbs up.

Number 2 on what I wanted to see is that the numbers won't rub off.  My other favorite trimmer I had for 4 years and only now the numbers are off and I really can't see the numbers.  So far for this one so good but I have not had it for four years yet, so I will leave that one on hold.

Number 3 the Storage compartment, well I use it but I forget about it.  Which means I put things into it and forget that I put them into it and look around when I need them.  So even though I like it, I have given up using it.

Those are the three things I really wanted to look at and how they went.  Now for a few other things.  I just bought the rotary arm add on,  I really like it.  I wouldn't do more than maybe 2 pieces of cardstock but it cuts really well with those, I just wouldn't use it for mass cuttings.  I love the the other blades and how easy it is to pop them in and out.  So I can get a few more more blades and have them around.  Maybe if I put them in the storage compartment I will remember they are in there.  I really love the padded feet that they don't move when cutting.  I love the size of the cutting surface I can cut that 8 1/2 x 11 at 5 1/2 and not have to guess where the 5 1/2 is.  I love the fact that I don't have to take out the scoring blade and the cutting blade from the regular trimmer arm when using it.  There is enough space to have both blades in and cut the full length of the trimmer.

So what is my rating two thumbs up.  Only bad thing is my memory on where I store things, maybe yours is better and you will get to use the storage compartment more.

Stampin' Trimmer 126889
Stampin' Trimmer Rotary Addition 129407
Small Scallop Rotary Cutting Blade 129410
Tiny Wave Rotary Cutting Blade 129409
Perforating Rotary Cutting Blade 132788

Hope you enjoyed this review. If you would like me to review any other products or have any questions on stamping or paper crafts please leave a comment or email me at marysstamping at

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